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Bartenders Ice

Mfg & Co

Large Blocks for Proper Bars



Bartenders Ice machines were born through necessity, by Bartenders for Bartenders.  As the quest to serve crystal clear ice becomes increasingly popular, the need for manageable sized blocks at a fair price is necessary.  


Through extensive testing Bartenders Ice Mfg & Co. has created the perfect Bartenders Ice Block.  The 13”x13”x10” blocks weigh in at 50 pounds.  They are easily removed from the machine with a supplied handle and removable hinged moulds. The Bartenders Ice blocks can then be broken down by hand or machine into smaller cubes.  


Bartenders Ice machines are beautifully fabricated from restaurant grade stainless steel and are very portable.  They run on standard 120 volts and as they do not have to be plumbed as they are built on wheels.  


Simple: Crystal clear ice from a high quality portable machine at great value.



Cut Sheet Download:



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